Equipping Your Home For A New Bird


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Bringing home a new feathered friend is an exciting experience! However, ensuring your home is properly equipped for your bird's arrival takes some preparation and forethought. This is especially true in Chandigarh, where typical housing may not readily accommodate all of a bird's needs. By setting up the right supplies ahead of time, you can help your new companion thrive in their new home.

Cage Considerations

One of the most important items to acquire is your bird's cage. Be sure to choose a suitably sized cage for the species you will be keeping. Bigger is usually better when it comes to cages, as long as you have the room to accommodate a large enclosure. Bar spacing is also key - narrow spacing for small birds prevents escape. Hardware cloth bottoms allow fallen debris to pass through. For Indian bird species, iron cages sold at many [birds shops in Chandigarh] can make great permanent housing.

Seeking out a reputable bird shop in Chandigarh for your cage purchase is recommended. There are many bird supply stores in the area to choose from, but quality can vary. Read reviews and ask for referrals from fellow bird owners in the city. Some things to look for in a quality Chandigarh bird shop include: hygienic conditions, healthy birds on premise, variety of cage sizes and styles, knowledgeable staff, and competitive pricing. Taking the time to find a shop that meets these criteria will ensure you get a well-made cage built to last.


Inside the cage, provide an array of perches of varying widths, materials, and orientations to keep your bird's feet healthy. The best bird shops in Chandigarh stock natural branch perches as well as concrete, plastic, and rope designs to add diversity. Seek out bird-safe wood varieties like mango, neem, or sandalwood. Be sure to sanitize any new wood perches by baking at low temperature prior to use. For concrete perches, test the grip and check for any sharp edges that could hurt delicate feet.

Chandigarh bird shops also offer abrasive perch covers to help wear down overgrown claws and discourage foot issues. Place perches at different heights and orientations within the cage to encourage movement and exercise. Having multiple perch types gives your bird options to find the most comfortable spot.


Rotation of toys keeps things interesting and mentally stimulating for confined birds. Pet birds need outlets for exercise and play within the cage. Chandigarh bird shops have no shortage of foraging toys, shredded wood play gyms, bells, mirrors, and more to occupy an energetic pet bird.

Aim for at least 3-5 toys in the cage at a time and swap out the selection on a regular basis to prevent boredom. Opt for Chandigarh bird shop toys made with non-toxic dyes and materials your species can safely chew, shred, or manipulate. Pay attention to your bird's toy preferences and provide accordingly. Hiding treats inside interactive toys provides mental enrichment.

Out-of-Cage Time

Birds should spend ample time outside of the cage each day. Be sure to fully bird-proof any rooms your feathered friend will have access to when out of the cage. Keep other pets separated and restrict access to potential hazards like ceiling fans, open windows or doors, mirrors, wires, and houseplants. Provide play stands and foraging activities for when your bird is out of the cage under supervision. Shower perches allow you to interact and bond while bathing.

With the right supplies and set-up from reputable birds shops in Chandigarh, you'll be well on your way to giving your new avian family member a happy home!

Let's go over a few more considerations for preparing your home for a new bird:

Diet - Do research into your species' unique nutritional needs and stock up on the proper foods, treats, and supplements. The bird shops of Chandigarh can help you find the ideal diet. Consider your bird's preferences and transition slowly to any new foods.

Grooming - Bird grooming supplies like nail clippers, styptic powder, millet spray baths, and more should be purchased ahead of time. Brush up on safe clipping techniques for your bird species. Proper grooming promotes health and bonding.

Avian Vet - Look for an experienced bird veterinarian nearby to establish care before your new bird comes home. Having an avian vet ready provides peace of mind. Schedule well visits to keep your bird healthy.

Bird-Proofing - Survey your home for possible hazards from ceiling fans to house plants and secure or remove them. Promote good flight patterns with strategic perch placement. Prevent escapes when doors/windows are open.

Time & Patience - Finally, be ready to invest adequate time interacting with and positively reinforcing your new bird during the transition to your home. This crucial bonding time sets the stage for a lifetime of companionship.